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8.2. Stressing Each Input in Its Own Simulation

Applies to: @RISK 6.x/7.x, Professional and Industrial Editions

I need to run a Stress Analysis in @Risk. In the Option dialog, I have a choice of "Stress Each Input in Its Own Simulation" or "Stress All Inputs in a Single Simulation".  If I choose the first option, what are the other inputs doing while @RISK is running those separate simulations? Do the other inputs run the full range of their distributions, or are they fixed to single numbers?

Either way, you get one simulation called the baseline, where all variables vary according to their distributions.

Take a look at the attached example. A stress analysis is run with two stress ranges: Revenue (cell C3) is restricted to the lower 5% of its distribution, and Cost (C4) is restricted to the upper 5% of its distribution.

By the way, to prepare these graphs after running the Stress Analysis, we clicked on Revenue (cell C3) and then the Browse Results icon. Then we clicked the # icon in the row at the bottom to select each simulation in turn. Right-clicking on the graph and selecting Copy, we then pasted each graph into the worksheet.

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