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1.2. Office 2016 and Palisade Software

Applies to:
The DecisionTools Suite, releases 7.x
@RISK, releases 7.x
BigPicture, releases 1.x
Evolver, releases 7.x
NeuralTools, releases 7.x
PrecisionTree, releases 7.x
StatTools, releases 7.x
TopRank, releases 7.x

Is your software compatible with the preview versions of Excel and Project 2016?

Palisade software products beginning with release 7.0.0 do support Office 2016 (other than Office Insider builds). If you have a 1.x–6.x release and want to use Office 2016, you will need to upgrade your Palisade software.

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Last edited: 2017-09-12

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