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7.2. Number of Bins in a Histogram

Applies to: @RISK 5.x–7.x

When it makes a histogram, how does @RISK choose a number of bars? In other words, how many bins or intervals does @RISK divide the data range into? Can I change this?

By default, @RISK determines the number of bins from the number of iterations or data points n, as follows:


Less than 25

25 to 100

More than 100



Nearest integer to n / 5

Largest integer below 10 × log(n)

If you want to change this for a particular histogram, right-click the graph and select Graph Options. On the Distribution tab, the lower section lets you specify a number of bins (bars), as well as a minimum (left edge of the first bar) and maximum (right edge of the last bar). "Automatic" uses the calculation shown above, but you can specify a number from 2 to 200.

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