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15.40. Live Prediction

Applies to: NeuralTools 7.x

Can I save a trained net to an .NTF file with Neural Net Manager and then use it for live prediction?

No, it must be in the workbook with the data set. However, you can use Neural Net Manager to move a network to a new workbook. This lets you analyze data sets in other workbooks using the existing trained network, with no need to access the original data set that was used in training.

As an alternative, with some custom programming the Palisade Custom Runtime can make predictions directly with nets stored in .NTF files. The greater the number or complexity of your nets, the more benefit there is to this approach.

When the trained net is in the workbook, can I use live prediction in any cell?

The prediction formula can only be generated by our software using the Predict command on the ribbon. This should not be a major inconvenience. You can create a one-row data set with one live prediction cell. Then in the cells for independent variables you can add references to the cells you want to use for live prediction.

How many live prediction cells can I have in one workbook?

There's no fixed limit; it depends on the number and complexity of your nets and the available Excel and Windows resources.

Last edited: 2017-05-31

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