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11.10. Linked Subprojects in @RISK

Applies to:
@RISK 6.x/7.x, Professional and Industrial Editions

I'm planning to simulate a project with @RISK. It will be complex, so I'd like to have subprojects as separate files. Does @RISK support that?

Yes! Make the sub-projects linked projects within your main MPP file. Import only your main MPP file; Project will tell @RISK about the sub-projects automatically. While running a simulation, you don't need to have the sub-projects open.

A very simple example is attached to this article. Download all five files to the same folder, launch @RISK, and open KB1647_MasterProject.xlsx. Most durations contain @RISK distributions, and thhe finish dates for the three main phases are already set up as outputs. Of course, you can add other outputs if you wish.

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