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20.6. Screen Capture

I'd like to send a screen shot to make my question clearer. How can I do that?

To create a screen shot:

  1. Click the title bar of the window to ensure that it is active.
  2. Hold down the Alt key, press the Print Screen key, and release both keys. This puts a copy of the window on your Windows clipboard.
  3. Many email programs, including Outlook, will let you paste an image directly in your message. Try clicking into the appropriate spot in your reply and then clicking Edit » Paste or pressing Ctrl+V.
  4. If that doesn't work, open an application that can store pictures, then paste the screen capture into that application.
    • Microsoft Paint is available on most versions of Windows.
    • Microsoft Word is another good choice because it can hold multiple screen caps in a single document.

    Save the document containing the screen image(s) and attach it to your reply email.

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