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1.4. How to Find Your Serial Number

Finding Version 6.x/7.x Serial Number

Please launch @RISK or your other Palisade product. In the @RISK ribbon or menu, click Help, then About. The 7-digit number next to S/N is your serial number. If you can't start the software, but you have your Activation ID, it begins with three letters and 7 digits; the 7 digits are your serial number. If you don't know your Activation ID, please get your serial number from the email you received when you bought the software. If all those methods fail, your Palisade sales office (not Tech Support) may be able to look up your serial number.

If you have a textbook license, the textbook details will appear instead of a serial number.

If you have a course license through your college or university, the serial number may or may not appear. If no serial number appears, you can find it in the Palisade_Course.lic file that you received from your school; it's the 7-digit number just after "SN=". If you've already installed the DecisionTools Suite course license, the Palisade_Course.lic file will be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Palisade\System or C:\Program Files\Palisade\System.

Finding Version 5.x Serial Number

Please launch your Palisade product. In the Excel menu, click @RISK (or the appropriate product name), then Help, then License Activation. Look at the Activation ID that appears. The serial number is the group of seven digits starting with a 5.

If no Activation ID appears, then either this is a trial version or it is a bought version that has not yet been activated. Please check your back emails for the serial number.

We have a video illustrating this procedure.

Finding Version 1.x or 4.x Serial Number

Please launch your Palisade software. In the Excel or Project menu line (the one that starts File, Edit, View) click on @RISK (or another Palisade product name). A submenu will drop down. In that submenu, click Help. A third menu will open at the side. Click on About @RISK.

In the About screen, look for S/N. The number after that is your serial number.

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