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1.4. Why Only 30 Days? (Concurrent Network Licenses)

Applies to:
Concurrent Network license certificates and activatable (trusted storage) licenses

(30-day licenses are not normally issued for Enterprise Networks.)

Why does my license expire in a month? I have a permanent license (or a license for a certain number of years).

The great majority of our commercial network licenses are indeed perpetual, and most of the rest are issued for a term of years. But you will get a 30-day transitional license in certain circumstances, depending on the type of Concurrent Network license you have.

Certificate (license file) licenses:

Activation IDs for activatable (trusted storage) licenses:

How can I tell when my current certificate or Activation ID will expire? What does the renewal cost?

We include the expiration date in the email when we send you a certificate or Activation ID. You can also see the expiration date in the lower window of Palisade Server Manager, and in plain text in every certificate license file. (If you view the license file in a text editor, be careful not to make any changes, because then the checksum will no longer be correct.)

If the end of the 30-day period is getting close, and you haven't contacted us, we will normally contact you. We'll ask you a couple of things, and we need your prompt answers in order to create the production license. Once we have them, we can provide the new license within one business day, usually within an hour or two during our business hours. On your end, installing a new Concurrent License certificate should take under five minutes.

There's no charge for the 30-day license, or for replacing it with a production license.

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