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2.1. Getting Started with @RISK

I've just installed @RISK. How do I learn to use it? Where do I start?

Welcome to @RISK! If you can represent your problem as a base case in Excel, you can add @RISK to that model to analyze and model uncertainty.

We have videos for every stage of your learning:

@RISK also comes with numerous examples preinstalled. (In the @RISK menu, click Help » Example Spreadsheets.) These are generally small "toy" models to show you particular techniques or illustrate various applications or features of the software.

You'll find answers to a lot of frequently asked questions under Techniques and Tips in our searchable Knowledge Base. And if you see a message you don't understand, chances are good you'll find it, with a solution, in our Troubleshooting section.  Tech Support can also help you with messages that aren't clear, or with particular features of the software.

More intensive training is available in on-demand webinars and live webinars. We also offer in-person regional training.

Last edited: 2018-12-14

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