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12.2. Designating Columns to use for Functions in @RISK for Project

Applies to:  @RISK 4.x For Project

I don't want to use the Text1 column for my @RISK functions, because I use Text1 for another purpose. How can I specify a different column to contain my @RISK functions?

You can tell @RISK to use any of columns Text1 through Text20. When you set columns in @RISK, you must have an open project with at least one task or resource in it when you issue this command. Otherwise, you will get a message asking you to "Please open a project for use with @RISK."

  1. From the menu in Project, choose @RISK » Model » Columns for @RISK Functions.
  2. In either the Task Tables area or the Resource Tables area, click the field that will contain the @RISK data to place a check mark beside that field. (If desired, you may specify additional fields to use by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking additional fields.)
  3. Click the OK button. A dialog appears asking:

    "Update this project to read @RISK function from selected task and resource fields? (Note: @RISK functions in other fields will be ignored and should be moved to the selected fields!)"

  4. Click the OK button.

If the columns you chose in step 2 don't display automatically, please see this article: Displaying the @RISK Functions Column.

Last edited: 2013-04-25

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