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2.79. "Problem Event name BEX"

Applies to:
PrecisionTree releases 7.5.1 and older

Does not occur with PrecisionTree 7.5.2 and newer.

When I try to launch PrecisionTree and some other components of the DecisionTools Suite (not @RISK), I get this error:

PrecisionTree Launcher stopped
Problem Event name BEX
Problem Module Name RpcRtRemopte.dll

(Other modules are also identified as problems, such as CFGMGR32.dll.)

This problem relates to Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in Windows. You can disable DEP for the specific applications that have a problem, as explained near the end of Microsoft's TechNet article Data Execution Prevention. (Look near the end of the article, under "Per-application DEP configuration".)

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