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2.47. "Error in loading DLL" (at Startup)

Also available in Spanish: "Error en cargar DLL"

Applies to: All products, releases 6.x-8.x, with 64-bit Excel 2010, any Excel 2013, or any Excel 2016

When I try to launch the software from a desktop icon or start menu shortcut, I get this message:

Error in loading DLL

(Depending on which product you launch, there may be additional text, but "Error in loading DLL" is the key phrase.)

If the message is "Unable to load DLL", and it mentions a PalFlex file name, please see "Unable to load ... PalFlex_x86.dll".

If you get the message when you open the add-in by File » Open or by Browse, but not when you click the desktop icon or start menu, see @RISK Initializes, But No Tab Appears in Ribbon.

You may unintentionally be loading multiple copies of @RISK. Click File » Options » Add-Ins, then at the bottom of the right-hand panel click Go. In the next dialog, if RISKOptimizer or rpjexcel is checked (ticked), remove the check marks.

If those two don't appear, or they appear but are not ticked, then your Visual Basic 6 Runtime and/or .NET may not be registered properly. Please follow the procedure to re-register Visual Basic 6 Runtime. If the software runs now, you have solved the problem.

If the problem still occurs, your System Registry may contain one or more references to a version of Excel that no longer exists on your computer. To remove these "orphan" keys, please follow the procedure in Removing Outdated References to Office from the System Registry.

See also: Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool.

Last edited: 2020-04-08

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