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5.12. Upgrading Palisade Software

Disponible en español: Actualización de software de Palisade
Disponível em português: Atualizando o Software Palisade

What's the latest software release? What changes have been made since earlier releases?

Our current release is 8.0, issued in March 2020.

Am I eligible for a free upgrade?

Yes, if you have a current maintenance contract.

If you don't have a maintenance contract, you can still upgrade—please contact your Palisade sales office to obtain a price quote for the upgrade to 8.0.

How do I perform the upgrade?

For information about upgrading your standalone software, please select the appropriate link:

For information about upgrading your network software, please select the appropriate link:

Will the files I created in my old release of @RISK still run in the new release?

Generally, yes. Files from any 7.x release will not need any changes at all.

Most files from releases 5.x/6.x won't need changes either. The exception is files that contain Visual Basic for Applications macros to automate @RISK. You will need to change the references in those files, and if they are very old you may need to update some macros.

See also:

Every time I launch @RISK, I get an upgrade notice. I want to stick with my present version. Can I get rid of that pop-up?

If you are receiving an update notice when you launch the software, and you can't update or prefer not to, please see "An update is available." (6.x) or "Update Available" (7.x).

Last edited: 2020-03-30

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