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19.13. Converting an @RISK Model to RDK

This article relates to discontinued products, but is retained for the benefit of our customers with existing licenses. For current information, please see Support Policy for RDK, BDK, EDK, and RODK.

Applies to:
@RISK Developer's Kit 4.1

I have a model that works with @RISK in Excel. I would like to build this into a custom application using the RDK. Do you have any assistance for the conversion?

We don't have any kind of automated tool, but our developers have created four examples. Thee @RISK for Excel models, and the Visual Studio code, are included in the attached file. If you familiarize yourself with them, you should see how to do the conversion.

Another option is our Custom Development department. These consultants work with you directly to develop customized applications that build on our product mix to meet your needs most effectively. If you like this option, your Palisade sales manager can discuss strategies with you.

last edited: 2013-09-10


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