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15.29. Structure of the Trained Network

Applies to:  NeuralTools, all releases

Is there some way to find the architecture (number of layers and neurons) of the neural network that I trained on the NeuralTools software?

It depends on the type of network you train.

If you train a GRN/PN network (which is the default), there's no flexibility as to the structure of the net.  The structure is as described in the "More on Neural Networks" section of the NeuralTools user manual. 

If you train an MLF net, you can specify the structure (layers or nodes). NeuralTools allows up to two layers in an MLF net. If it's left as Automatic, then the automatically selected structure is described in the training report.  While you knows the number of MLF layers and nodes, we don't provide the specific mathematical formula based on which the net makes predictions, as mentioned in Internals of the Trained Network.

Last edited: 2014-11-17

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