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8.23. Mini-Toolbar and Context Menu Missing

Applies to:
@RISK 6.1.1, 6.1.2, and 6.2.0
(For other releases, see @RISK Mini-Toolbar Does Not Appear.)

When I right-click a cell in @RISK, the right-click menu (context menu) does show @RISK.  But the mini-toolbar doesn't appear correctly with its icons; instead there is just a vague ghostly rectangular shape. And if I click on @RISK in the initial right-click menu, the secondary menu with selections like "Define Distributions...", "Add Output...", and "Fit Distributions to data..." does not appear.

A screen shot is attached.

This is unfortunately a bug in these releases of @RISK.  If you have Aero mode disabled in Windows, or if you're using Windows XP or another Windows version that doesn't have Aero available, the toolbar does not appear.

@RISK displays either the mini-toolbar or the secondary context menu, not both. If the mini-toolbar is enabled in the first section of Application Settings, but your Windows is not in Aero mode, the bug prevents the mini-toolbar from appearing, but the application setting suppresses the secondary context menu.

This bug was fixed in release 6.2.1.  We recommend that you upgrade your software (if eligible).  You can take either of these actions if you're unable to upgrade:

If you've taken those actions and the mini-toolbar still does not appear, see @RISK Mini-Toolbar Does Not Appear

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