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18.18. FLEXnet Error: "Exiting due to signal 32"

Applies to: All Palisade products 4.x and 5.x licensed with FLEXlm or FLEXnet

The Palisade.exe vendor daemon terminates with the message

Exiting due to signal 32

We have not seen this problem here at Palisade, but some users have reported it.  For them, the issue turned out to be that they had installed the licensing software under the custom folder C:\FLEXlm\... on the server.  The solution was to rename the folder to something else, such as C:\LMFlex\... .

The default install location is C:\Program Files\FLEXnet\Palisade... or C:\Program Files (x86)\FLEXnet\Palisade..., and no one with the software installed in the default location has ever reported this problem.

Last edited: 2012-09-28

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