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19.7. Multiple CPUs with the RDK?

This article relates to discontinued products, but is retained for the benefit of our customers with existing licenses. For current information, please see Support Policy for RDK, BDK, EDK, and RODK.

Applies to:
@RISK Developer's Kit (RDK) 4.x

Can the RDK use multiple cores on a computer?

We're sorry, but the RDK does not have a direct way to include multi-core simulation.  An alternative would be to use @RISK 6, which does support multiple CPUs.  You can automate @RISK with Microsoft Office VBA.  Beginning with @RISK 6.2, an Automation Guide provides a quick start to automating @RISK.

See also: CPUs used by @RISK

last edited: 2014-03-31

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