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3.1. Activating Palisade 5.x Standalone Software

Applies to:
All non-networked versions, releases 5.x
(This does not apply to @RISK for Project, the Developer Kits, and other 1.x or 4.x releases. If you have release 6.0 or newer, please see Activating Palisade 6.x/7.x Standalone Software.)

Caution! Version 5 Activation IDs all begin with two characters, 0 through 6 and then 0–9 or A–F.

If your Activation ID begins with three letters, don't use it with version 5 software. Contact Palisade Technical Support with your Activation ID, and they will send you the right installer.

How can I activate my release 5.0, 5.5, or 5.7 Palisade software?

During the install, you're prompted for an activation ID.  If you enter it, the software will try to activate itself. If this succeeds, you will not see an activation prompt when you launch the software, and you can ignore the rest of this article.

1. Launch the software.  A window will appear showing the number of days remaining in your trial.  Click Continue with Trial to test the software but defer activating, or click Purchase to bring up the Palisade License Activation window and activate now.  (If your trial period has expired, the Palisade License Activation window will appear with no trial window.)

2. On the Palisade License Activation screen, fill in your Activation ID, including hyphens.  (If possible, copy/paste the Activation ID from the email you received, rather than try to retype it.)  If another Activation ID is already filled in and the software won't let you change it, please contact for assistance and include a screen shot plus your new Activation ID.

3. Click Automatic Activation.  It may take up to 60 seconds for a response from our server, if a connection can be made.  If you get a message about a mismatched product, stop!.  You have installed the wrong product for your license, or you're using a wrong Activation ID for this product.  Contact your IT department or Palisade for assistance.

4. If you get the message "Automatic Activation Successful", your activation is complete.  Click OK.  (The Palisade License Activation screen may or may not repaint itself, and may still show a Trial status.  If so, close it and then in the software click Help » License Activation to verify that the status is now activated.)

If Automatic Activation fails, there are several possible reasons: Maybe this license is already activated and has not been deactivated?  Maybe your firewall won't let your computer complete the transaction with Palisade's server?  Maybe the computer isn't connected to the Internet? Maybe you don't have full administrative rights?

If the license is already activated, you need to deactivate it on the other computer before you can activate it on this one.  If that is impossible, please contact for assistance, including your full Activation ID and a summary of the circumstances.  If Automatic Activation fails for any other reason, please follow the Manual Activation procedure.

Manual Activation

Verify the Activation ID in the Palisade License Activation window and click Manual Activation » Save Request File.  Save the file somewhere where you can find it easily.

When you have completed the full Manual Activation, including a second request-response cycle if required, you can click Help » License Activation in the software and you should see a status of Activated.

Last edited: 2017-09-22

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