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7.12. Combining Inputs in a Sensitivity Tornado

Applies to: @RISK 5.x–7.x

How can I aggregate multiple inputs in the tornado graph, so that I see the output's sensitivity to the combination instead of sensitivities to the individual inputs?

I might be combining countries in a region, or I might want an NPV instead of individual cash flows, or ...

The RiskMakeInput( ) functions lets you do exactly this. If you already have a formula in your workbook that computes the aggregate you're interested in, just wrap it in a RiskMakeInput( ), like this:

=RiskMakeInput(formula, RiskName("name to appear in tornado") )

As an alternative, you could just create that formula in an empty cell.

RiskMakeInput( ) tells @RISK that its contents should be treated as an @RISK input distribution for purposes of sensitivity analysis, and RiskMakeInput( )'s precedents should be ignored in sensitivity analysis. Implications:

For an example, in @RISK 6 or 7 click Help » Example Spreadsheets » Statistics/Probability »  Using RiskMakeInput Function. In @RISK 5, click Help » Example Spreadsheets » RiskMakeInput.xls.

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