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7.29. Creating Scatter Plots with Inputs from Multiple Sheets

Applies to: @RISK 8.x

How can I create a scatter plot in @RISK using inputs that appear in different sheets of the same workbook?

In @RISK version 8, you can quickly create a scatter plot of two or more inputs by clicking Explore > Scatter Plot, and then adding cells to a dialogue box, note that it will be prefilled with cells with @RISK functions 

There is another option to create scatter plots that allow you to choose inputs from different sheets. Click Explore > Results Summary to bring up a window that summarizes all the inputs and outputs in the model. Then you can select multiple inputs simultaneously from anywhere in the workbook and click the Explore button at the bottom of the window to create a scatter plot. The same method can be used to create other graph types such as a summary box plot as well.

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