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19.15. Java with the RDK

This article relates to discontinued products, but is retained for the benefit of our customers with existing licenses. For current information, please see Support Policy for RDK, BDK, EDK, and RODK.

Applies to:
All Developer's Kits: BDK, EDK, RDK, RODK

Can I include the RDK or another Developer's Kit in a Java application?

We don't support Java directly in the Developer's Kits, because Java is supposed to run on different platforms (Windows, Mac, Unix, Android), and our core mathematical libraries run on Windows only.  The RDK has COM and .NET interfaces, and there are bridge technologies that make it possible to use COM/.NET components from Java.  So it may be possible to use the RDK in Java, but the resulting program will run on Windows only.

last edited: 2014-05-07

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